Dance Duo Competition

Calling all dance duos! In honour of National Best Friends Day on 8th June we are offering two FREE scholarships to Brian Friedman’s Mentor Program for the best dance besties!

On Brian’s Mentor Program platform we have the ultimate network of dance talent all learning how to make it in the industry under Brian’s guidance and we have seen some wonderful friendships develop within our TTC Fam (squad goals!) so it is only right we add two more friends to the pack via our dance duo competition.

Here’s how you can join in;

  1. Grab your bestie (not literally! Unless it’s a badass dance move)
  2. Pull out your best choreo combo or freestyle
  3. Get someone to film you performing (Daaaaad, can you just come here a sec?!)
  4. Upload your video to Vimeo, Instagram or YouTube.
  5. Submit below
  6. Share the love on social media so everyone can see your submission. Then bask in the glory of you and your bestie owning this competition, “Oh this, yeah, that’s us just killing a combo as standard.”
  7. Wait until National Best Friend’s Day on 8th June for the winners of two free scholarships to Brian Friedman’s Mentor Program to be announced. Bam, nailed it!

Ok, so you’re thinking, sounds great, but what is Brian’s Mentor Program?!

Seriously…where have you been?! Brian Friedman’s online Mentor Program is the one stop shop for dance talent to train with the best whilst getting industry guidance, feedback and opportunities from Brian and his team of experts including Bloc and AMCK agencies, Larsen Thompson, Zachary Venegas, Tricia Miranda, Dean Lee and Instagram to name a few. You are given 6 months to complete the program online in your own time alongside any other commitments you have, wherever you are in the world, and it is open to all dancers and choreographers. Really, if you want to get ahead in the dance industry you need to be involved. Check out our last post to find out how we can help you follow in Brian’s footsteps.

Can’t wait for the competition winners to be announced? We understand that dance careers need to get started asap so if want to enrol today for instant access to Brian Friedman’s Mentor Program click here to start taking control of your future in the dance industry.

Team TTC

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