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The Talent Collective is the world’s first online platform specializing in developing and
showcasing dance talent via our online dance mentor programs. We host industry icon Brian Friedman’s mentor program for commercial dance talent.

The program is entirely online and you will gain access to 15 modules with over 75 interactive video lessons, textbook notes and tasks to complete the program in your own time within 6 months.

Interactive lessons include training workouts, choreography breakdowns, advice and career plans that give an insight into how the dance industry operates.

Throughout the program you will be set tasks designed to further your development and focus your dance goals.

You will have access to The Talent Collective community and be invited to ask questions to our industry experts for personal advice.

During the program you will gain long term exposure to Brian Friedman, talent agents AMCK and Bloc who are scouting for representation. Plus industry experts who will offer personal feedback to selected students and scout talent for exciting opportunities within the dance world including starring in a music video, being Brian’s personal guest at a dance convention, Hollywood Summer Tour scholarships, London Spring Tour scholarships, Radix dance convention scholarships and being selected by our ambassadors as their One to Watch gaining social media exposure.

Yes, we love all levels of dance ability in our dance family. We are looking for ambitious, talented dancers and choreographers who love a challenge and are looking to push themselves to the next level. Both experienced dancers and choreographers or raw talent will gain a lot from joining this program.

You will have plenty of time to complete the program as access to The Talent Collective is for 6 months. We want the program to fit around your life and give you every opportunity to network within the community and have maximum exposure to the experts. It is up to you how long you take to complete the program within the 6 months but we recommend spending 3-5 hours per week watching the videos, rehearsing and training, reading the lesson notes and completing tasks. As with anything, the more you put into this program the more beneficial it will be so you may want to spend longer completing the tasks.

The program is not designed to replace online tutorials but to provide a pathway to push your talent to the next level. The program is uniquely designed by Brian Friedman and includes tasks that offer opportunities for expert feedback to further your development. Brian and his chosen industry professionals share their knowledge to give you an insight into the dance world and scout talent for career boosting opportunities. The mentor program is also fully interactive offering networking opportunities and access to Brian’s inner circle.

You will need a mobile phone or a video camera with the ability to upload videos to our website. Don’t worry about the level of technology you use to create videos we will be looking at your dance talent not the production quality!

Of course your program mentor Brian Friedman will be keeping a close eye on your development and will be selecting students for feedback, 1-2- 1’s and opportunities. Leading dance agents AMCK (Europe) and BLOC (US) will also be scouting for new talent to offer feedback, 1-2- 1’s and agency representation. Music artists Jason Maek and Zaena will be scouting dancers to appear in their music video. Plus, The Talent Collective experts and ambassadors will be scouting talent for feedback, 1-2- 1 opportunities and scholarships to Hollywood Summer Tour, London Spring Tour and Radix dance conventions.

The program is an online community so it is likely that you won’t meet Brian or the experts face-to- face. However, this program is unique and some students will be selected for face-to- face meetings and opportunities with Brian and the experts. To be selected you must complete the tasks and upload your dance videos for consideration.

Our videos include pop-up links so we can overlay web content, videos, music, images, ratings and many other exciting possibilities. It means when you are watching one of our interactive videos you can simply click on a pop-up link and be taken to somewhere else entirely. You are in charge of the content so you can choose whether to follow the links during the video or not.

Yes, we offer a selection of payment plans. Click here for further information. If you would like any advice on payment options please feel free to email us at [email protected] as we’re here to help.

No problem, if you realise the program isn’t for you a full refund is given if you cancel within 7 days of the date you enroll.

Great, we’re here to help! If you need any further information, please email us at [email protected]