Get Recognized: Video Casting Opportunity

One of the most exciting parts of Brian Friedman’s Mentor Program on The Talent Collective is that we offer opportunities for dancers and choreographers to get their talent recognised.

This month’s opportunity is a big one!
But first, let us tell you how it started…

We offer opportunities on the program alongside top level industry training because we know how hard it can be to get a break in the dance industry. It’s hard to stand out from the million other dancers out there so we want to offer our students the chance to raise their game with our industry contacts.

This opportunity arose when Brian selected his music artists for his Mentor Program. Brian Friedman is known for having his finger on the pulse of the latest music, fashion and trends so we were very excited to see which music he would select. So, which artist did he choose for his exclusive program choreography? None other than an amazing dance and electro duo called Jason Maek and Zaena.

When we first heard their track ‘Get Up’ we were instantly hooked. It literally makes you want to dance, the beat, the catchy melody and the explosive repetition of the signature line ‘get up, get up’. And get this, the music video is part of a huge fashion concept, it’s epic!

Those of you who know about Brian Friedman’s Mentor Program will know that he sets you tasks to upload your own videos to the platform to be offered feedback and opportunities. Well, we are very pleased to share that on the program Jason Maek and Zaena are offering the opportunity for one dancer to fly to Chicago (yes, on us!) and attend dance rehearsals with their choreographer before starring in the next music video for their album Freshman.

To be in with the chance of being selected for this exclusive opportunity all you have to do is follow Brian’s amazing choreography to their song Get Up on the program and upload it to the community area of the platform. The dancer will be scouted by Brian Friedman, Jason Maek and Zaena and attend the music video shoot. All video submissions need to be uploaded to Brain Friedman’s Mentor Program on The Talent Collective platform by 31st July 2017.

If you’re not on the program and want to learn the choreography that you need to upload on Brian’s Mentor Program to be scouted for this music video opportunity then look no further. Yes that’s right, try out Brian Friedman’s Mentor Program choreography now for FREE in a taster lesson.

choreography taster - video casting opportunity

TTC Free Exclusive Choreography taster

And if you want more quality lessons with Brian plus the opportunity to be scouted for the music video and many, many, yes MANY, more opportunities then join us on Brian Friedman’s Mentor Program by clicking here.

BFMP - video casting opportunity

Brian Friedman mentor program team image

Come and join our TTC FAM now, we don’t wait for it to happen, we make it happen.
T&Cs can be found here.
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