Introducing TTC Fam: Daquan Williams

We thought it was about time we introduced you to some of the amazing members of our TTC fam. Starting with Dean Lee’s One to Watch – Daquan Williams!

Daquan TTC Fam

Dean Lee’s “One to Watch” Daquan Williams

We asked Daquan a few questions so we could find out more about his dance journey and how he’s finding Brian Friedman’s Mentor Program with The Talent Collective;

When did you start dancing? 

I started dancing at the age of 4. I didn’t really start training like at a studio until I was 11/12 years. (Studio One Urban Dance Center) Orlando Fl. 

What are you doing dance wise at the moment? 

I’ve been cast in a new TV show in Atlanta! Thank you to my TTC fam for the knowledge and support. I’m honored to be apart of an amazing mentorship. Ready to make Brian sooooo proud! I also recently choreographed a dinner show on I-drive in Orlando FL, also work with NBA orlando magic dancers and travel in and out of Florida selling choreography for competitions. While building my brand and training to become an industry choreographer/ creative director. 

What is your favourite dance memory or achievement?

My favorite dance achievement is having the opportunity to go on national tv (Americas Got Talent season 5) with my dance company at the time and making it further than any other dance act/team to date.

What is your ultimate dance goal? 

My ultimate dance goal is to tour with top charting artist choreographing and creative directing TV shows, live productions and eventually opening my own “Burlesque bar” franchise around the US. 

Tell us the story behind your love themed One to Watch submission video…

My video submission was about my last relationship. I told my story through 2 amazing dancers which I know as my best friends. It talks about not going out anymore and staying in the house more. Which caused arguments and problems within my relationship. The song is very powerful. I thought adding my vision and movement to the words and flow of the song would tell my story right.


Why did you join Brian Friedman’s Mentor Program with The Talent Collective? 

I honestly already knew I had something special within my craft. And always trained hard to be the best. I just needed to get my work in front of the right person/people. I knew Brian’s mentorship was for me. His movement and the way he carries himself is what I admire. Such a KING. I live for it all. Humble yet hungry. 

What do you like about The Talent Collective?

I love the honest feed back and the dedication from all the mentors to the mentees. So honored to share my work with such beautiful meaningful people.

The Talent Collective is helping me achieve my goals by allowing me to have a platform to put my work and visuals to the correct people. Also opening up my brand to the program and getting help building it. The advice and fees back is what I love. I love being challenged. 

Why do you love to dance?

I love dance because I grew up with a really bad stuttering problem so talking in front of people was a huge issue. Dancing came naturally. I learned how to communicate. And was able to explain each step I was doing which inspired me to teach. Which I love doing. 


My favorite dance video: Janelle Ginestra – Missy Elliot – Lick Shots “Orphan Boiz”


My favorite music to dance to: RATCHET Trap music. lol I like a little bit of everything though.

My favorite dancers and choreographers: I LIVE for Zach Venegas And ROBERT GREEN! KK!!! 

And My favorite choreographers are Brian of course, Jacquel Knight, Sean Bankhead, Tanisha Scott, Jamaica Craft, and Kevin Maher.


I want to give a S/O to my best friend Ryan Ragsdale. Every piece I’ve choreographed he’s been there. Every video I wrote, he’s been there. Supporting me and my upcoming brand since day one. Couldn’t have asked for a more loyal Friend.

Check out Daquan’s YouTube channel here



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