Quiz: Find Your Place in the Dance Industry

People at the top of their game don’t get there by chance, yes, we all hear stories of when someone got their big break but the reality is there was a period of hard work that came before it.
Here at The Talent Collective we work with people who are succeeding in their field such as Larsen Thompson, Zachary Venegas, Tricia Miranda, Dean Lee, Directors, Producers, Agents and of course Brian Friedman and do you know what all of them have in common? They had focus and put in hard work to achieve their dreams.


It’s one of the reasons our motto is Preparation + Opportunity = Success. If you are prepared you’ll be surprised just how much opportunity comes knocking.




But where do you start? Having the end goal in mind is all well and good but what if you’re not sure what your end goal should be?! Knowing your place in the industry can put you steps ahead as it gives you a clear objective. One of the techniques Brian teaches on his program is how to identify your strengths to focus your goals and find your niche in the industry.


Brian knows what it’s like to start from the bottom up and he has worked so hard to achieve his dreams. He had a clear vision and he followed it step by step to make it to the top of the industry. Did you know when he was younger he set himself the goal to dance with his favorite artists? Check out his star studded list;


To help you gain focus and get a better understanding of where you should be aiming we have devised this short quiz tailored to three areas within the industry. A choreography dance master much like Brian Friedman, a dancer on tour with a top ten artist and a stage dancer on Broadway. By taking the quiz we will help you discover where your heart lies and give you essential tips to start your journey to achieve success.


We will also give you Brian’s 7 Step Guide to achieving your goals so that you can really get started on conquering the dance world.


So what are you waiting for? Dreams don’t achieve themselves, you need to get busy!!
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