Hello! Let us introduce ourselves, we are The Talent Collective.

Our journey started because we wanted to deliver the highest industry training to dancers and choreographers wherever they are in the world whilst offering them opportunities to be recognised for their talent. We know how hard it can be to access the best in the industry so we wanted to create a pathway for dancers to get as close as possible to those at the top and give them the tools to follow in their footsteps.

And who is the best possible mentor for the dance industry? You got it, Brian Friedman. He is an industry icon with the highest of standards and a teaching ethic better than we could even imagine. Brian, as you probably know, is an industry leader working in TV, film, fashion, live performances and an international teacher. He gets the best jobs in the business because he is the best at what he does and we love everything he stands for.


Brian Friedman online mentor program - The Talent Collective

Brian Friedman and The Talent Collective

Brian Friedman created his online mentor program to pass on his experience to as many dancers as possible

The number of dancers he has mentored is insane from Zachary Venegas to Larsen Thompson, KK Harris to Sean Lew, Brian has shown these talented and successful dancers the way and he is determined to reach more talent to help them achieve their potential. That’s where we come in…

So we had our man, now we needed to deliver the first ever online mentor program for dance talent so naturally it had to be off the scale. Brian personally designed the program to give the best insight into the industry and offer training that starts from the ground up. We are so proud of Brian’s mentor program because it delivers. In the lessons alone everything that it takes to be at the top of the industry is included via interactive videos, textbooks and planners, for example;

  • Training workouts from isolations to plies and stretches to sit ups.
  • Learning choreography, from how it was created, to an exclusive tutorial with Brian and his assistants Zachary Venegas and Larsen Thompson.
  • Social media lessons from Instagram and viral internet stars so you can achieve success too.
  • Goal planning exercises to get you focussed to achieve success.
  • Nutrition planning, specifically for dancers, to get the most from your body when rehearsing and performing.
  • Tools to identify your strengths and weaknesses to aid development.
  • Performance techniques and style advice.
  • Video submission tips, headshot advice and resume templates from AMCK and Bloc agencies.
  • Audition advice from Dean Lee, the Head Choreographer of the X Factor.
  • And an exclusive tutorial of Britney Spears ‘I’m a Slave for U’ breakdown with the man himself, Brian Friedman.

But it doesn’t stop there as Brian has designed tasks for students to upload videos to the platform so he and his industry experts, including talent agents AMCK and Bloc, can give feedback to help talent develop. Now, this is what we are so excited about, our students are given 6 months’ exposure to Brian and his experts to improve and be seen by the best in the industry. Every. Single. Day.


AMCK’s CEO Aicha McKenzie - The Talent Collective
AMCK’s CEO Aicha McKenzie explaining what casting directors and agents want to see from dance video submissions.


Once trained we want talent to be recognised, so Brian offers opportunities so talent on the program can progress in the industry. For example, students can be selected for music videos, to assist Brian, be offered convention scholarships and be scouted by our agency partners AMCK and Bloc for representation. We even have a forum for students to connect with each other, as learning from your peers is one of the best practices for improving whilst creating your own network of like-minded people from all over the world. Pretty awesome right?!

We put everything into making this program the best for upcoming dance talent to take their skills to the next level. We know how important it is to receive relevant and current information in this fast-paced industry. Our lessons, tasks and opportunities constantly evolve to make sure the most up-to-date industry advice is given to our TTC fam. We even have some live Q&As coming up so watch this space!

Creating the program with Brian and his assistants Larsen and Zachary Venegas was the most fun and we filmed at some of our favorite LA and UK locations. We were even on set at the X Factor and Every Single Step.


Movie Week at the X Factor - The Talent Collective

It was Movie Week at the X Factor whilst Brian was filming for The Talent Collective – Pass us the popcorn!


During filming, we have to admit that when we saw Brian performing Britney Spears’ I’m a Slave 4 U we held our breath with excitement. What an honour to see the master perform this iconic choreography!

Behind the scenes footage of Brian performing Britney Spears, I’m a Slave 4 U. Absolute goals.

We are so proud of Brian’s Mentor Program and what we are doing to help dance talent achieve their dreams and this is only the beginning!

Team TTC

- The Talent Collective

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